Berry Melon – Teen Spirit – Top40

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We’re sprinkling self-assurance and pixie dust because we can’t think of anything original to do here. Whatever. Never mind. We’re, like, with the watts up it’s a fruit rush.
So bravado
It’s a ruse though
This is grunge, yo
We’re just here to entertain you. You’re welcome.

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Weight N/A
Size Nicotine

05ML – 3MG, 15ML – 0MG, 15ML – 1.5MG, 15ML – 3MG, 15ML – 6MG, 15ML – 12MG, 15ML – 18MG, 30ML – 0MG, 30ML – 1.5MG, 30ML – 3MG, 30ML – 6MG, 30ML – 12MG, 30ML – 18MG, 60ML – 0MG, 60ML – 1.5MG, 60ML – 3MG, 60ML – 6MG, 60ML – 12MG


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