Pink Lemonade – Radioactive – Top40

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POTUS wants you to stop listening to science.

The sun hasn’t died…it’s alive inside our bottle.

Bright berry and zesty citrus so apocalyptic it will blow your system.

Welcome to the new age of lemonade.

It’s yuuge.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Size Nicotine

05ML – 3MG, 15ML – 0MG, 15ML – 1.5MG, 15ML – 3MG, 15ML – 6MG, 15ML – 12MG, 15ML – 18MG, 30ML – 0MG, 30ML – 1.5MG, 30ML – 3MG, 30ML – 6MG, 30ML – 12MG, 30ML – 18MG, 60ML – 0MG, 60ML – 1.5MG, 60ML – 3MG, 60ML – 6MG, 60ML – 12MG


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